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THE PICKERS: Handmade Roger Rabbit Hot Rod
THE PICKERS: A 1923 Lincoln Leland/Mercury
THE PICKERS: Tough Negotiating for a 1934 Ford Cabriolet
THE PICKERS: The Pierce-Arrow
THE PICKERS: One-Stop Funeral Shop
THE PICKERS: The Priciest Pick
THE PICKERS: The Last Supper Banner
THE PICKERS: An Anonymous Buyer for a 1919 Series 9
PAWN STARS: Original 1971 "Willy Wonka" Props
PAWN STARS: Muhammad Ali's Signed Philosophical Musings
PAWN STARS: "Grinch" Storyboard Signed by Chuck Jones
PAWN STARS: Flavor Flav's O.J. Simpson Statue
PAWN STARS: $1000 Federal Reserve Star Note
PAWN STARS: Signed Winston Churchill Letter
PAWN STARS: Gilded Age Pullman Train Car