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A Few Good Men To Do Some Bad Things For the Greater Good

A Few Good Men To Do Some Bad Things For the Greater Good

A Few Good Men To Do Some Bad Things For the Greater Good


Bonus: What It Takes to Be a SEAL
Bonus: What is SIX About?
Bonus: Brotherhood
Bonus: Who Would Make the Best SEAL?
Bonus: One Word to Describe a SEAL
Meet the Cast: Walton Goggins as Richard "Rip" Taggart


Inspired by real missions of SEAL Team Six, this series depicts the emotional truths of what it means to be in the team, including making life and death decisions to protect one another and their country.
In Rip's absence, Graves and Ortiz argue over the direction of the team; Gina's interrogation of Michael becomes personal; the SEALS get to know their new team member, Trevor.
With the latest information from Gina, the SEALs leave for Bosnia in the next step on their mission to either seize or kill the Prince, who planned the attack on Rip.
Gina offers Michael one last chance to disclose information on his connection with the Prince; Jackie becomes desperate while trying to protect her family.
The SEALs are sent to rescue hostages; the Prince makes Gina and Michael an offer they struggle to refuse; Caulder begins rehabilitation for a combat injury and meets a similar spirit.
Indian Country
The SEALs are put to a difficult test when they receive an order to carry out a prisoner exchange in Chechnya.
A firefight breaks out in a remote village where the Navy SEALs are hiding. Out of options, Gina makes a decision that will completely change the mission's course.
Scorpions In A Bottle
Graves acknowledges and accepts his dark side; Michael tries to prove himself loyal; Gina faces judgement.
The Reckoning
While trying to trace Michael and the Prince as they go deeper into hiding, the team finds itself surrounded by the enemy.
Danger Close
The SEALs hold their ground as their enemies close in.
SEAL Team Six troop leader Rip Taggart makes a questionable decision while on a mission in Afghanistan. 2 years later, he is captured by Boko Haram & it's up to his former teammates to locate & rescue him.
Her Name Is Esther
During a tense raid on an oil tanker in Lagos, our SEAL Team attempts to detain a courier for Boko Haram who could be the key to finding Rip's whereabouts.
Tour Of Duty
The buried truth about Rip's departure from SEAL Team Six is revealed, while in Nigeria, Rip makes a move to escape.
Man Down
The race is on to see who can get to Rip first: our SEAL Team or the American-born terrorist with a personal vendetta, Michael.
The Team struggles with loss while Rip comes face-to-face with his new captor, and Michael's plans for vengeance become apparent.
SEAL Team Six makes a bold decision that could lead to Rip's rescue or have grave consequences.
Blood Brothers
The Command locates Rip and our Team plans a rescue. Meanwhile, Rip must work with an enemy in order to protect the people he has come to love.
End Game
Our Team comes face-to-face with Michael and his jihadist soldiers in a final battle where the fate of Rip and the schoolgirls hang in the balance.