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Forged In Fire

Forging Tips: How to Use the Grinder

Forging Tips: How to Use the Grinder

Forging Tips: How to Use the Grinder

Judge David Baker shows host Wil Willis the best techniques for proper use of the grinder in this web exclusive.

Forged In Fire
Bonus: What Is the Akrafena?
Bonus: What Is a Sword Breaker?
Bonus: What Is A Makraka?
Bonus: What Are Deer Horn Knives?
Bonus: What Is An Ida Sword?
What Is the Talwar?


Judges Pick
For the first time, it is judge against judge when all four judges pick a past bladesmith to represent them in the ultimate battle for supremacy.
Deer Horn Knives
Four blade smiths tee up for a never-before-seen challenge when they must harvest the steel from a vintage golf club to forge their signature blade.
The Katzbalger
After a gruelling second round, the two remaining smiths have just five days to create an iconic 15th century combat sword- the katzbalger.
The final two competitors have five days to forge one of the deadliest weapons in African history, the Makraka. Learn which warrior smith will walk away with the coveted $10,000 prize.
Fans' Choice
Fans vote online to bring back four of their favourite craftsmen for a second shot at victory. The final two smiths return home to craft a historical Filipino weapon of war, the Panabas.
After two dramatic rounds of mishaps and mischief, two smiths forge ahead in the final challenge to reproduce a distinctive African sword, the Akrafena.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Wednesday,23 Aug, 2017 - 10:25
All four smiths fight to the finish amidst painful injuries and setbacks, but only two make it through to the final round. They have five days to recreate the sacred but lethal Talwar sword.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Tuesday,29 Aug, 2017 - 22:55
  • Wednesday,30 Aug, 2017 - 03:00
  • Wednesday,30 Aug, 2017 - 10:25
  • Wednesday,30 Aug, 2017 - 16:20
The Cinquedea
Two smiths attempt to forge an intricately designed and deadly Italian sword, the cinquedea. Learn which smith conquers the curveballs and claims the coveted title.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Friday,25 Aug, 2017 - 04:50
  • Friday,25 Aug, 2017 - 07:35
  • Tuesday,5 Sep, 2017 - 22:55
  • Wednesday,6 Sep, 2017 - 03:00
  • Wednesday,6 Sep, 2017 - 10:25
  • Wednesday,6 Sep, 2017 - 16:20
The Charay
After a round of brutal testing, only two smiths forge ahead to the final round to recreate the legendary Charay sword. Learn which bladesmith salvages a win.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Thursday,31 Aug, 2017 - 20:05
  • Friday,1 Sep, 2017 - 04:50
  • Friday,1 Sep, 2017 - 07:35
  • Wednesday,13 Sep, 2017 - 03:00
  • Wednesday,13 Sep, 2017 - 10:25
  • Wednesday,13 Sep, 2017 - 16:20
Sword Breaker Redemption
Four previous competitors return to the forge for a second chance to get redemption. The final two competitors recreate a distinctive 16th-century blade, the sword breaker.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Thursday,7 Sep, 2017 - 20:05
  • Friday,8 Sep, 2017 - 04:50
  • Friday,8 Sep, 2017 - 07:35
  • Tuesday,19 Sep, 2017 - 22:55
  • Wednesday,20 Sep, 2017 - 03:00
  • Wednesday,20 Sep, 2017 - 10:25
  • Wednesday,20 Sep, 2017 - 16:20
Master & Apprentice
It's double the competitors and double the heat in the first ever team challenge. Masters compete alongside their apprentices taking turns to forge a cleaver using the arduous jellyroll technique.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Thursday,14 Sep, 2017 - 20:05
  • Friday,15 Sep, 2017 - 04:50
  • Friday,15 Sep, 2017 - 07:35
  • Tuesday,26 Sep, 2017 - 22:55
  • Wednesday,27 Sep, 2017 - 03:00
  • Wednesday,27 Sep, 2017 - 10:25
  • Wednesday,27 Sep, 2017 - 16:20
The Kachin Dao
Four bladesmiths must use steel from old nautical equipment to forge weld their signature blade, while being forced to do it using a metal inlay technique.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Thursday,21 Sep, 2017 - 20:05
  • Friday,22 Sep, 2017 - 04:50
  • Friday,22 Sep, 2017 - 07:35
The Gladiators' Scissor
After devastating setbacks, only two blade smiths enter the final round where they must recreate an ancient Roman weapon known as the Scissor.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Thursday,28 Sep, 2017 - 20:05
  • Friday,29 Sep, 2017 - 04:50
  • Friday,29 Sep, 2017 - 07:35
Ngombe Ngulu
Four blade smiths are given the twisted challenge of having to forge blades from a giant elevator cable but only two will recreate the African Ngombe Ngulu, known as the executions sword.
Champions Edition
Four Forged in Fire champions return for a chance to prove who among them is the best of the best. Only two will move on to the final round where they will have only 5 days to create the Scottish Claymore.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Saturday,26 Aug, 2017 - 13:10
  • Saturday,26 Aug, 2017 - 22:50
  • Sunday,27 Aug, 2017 - 04:50
  • Sunday,27 Aug, 2017 - 10:25
  • Sunday,27 Aug, 2017 - 19:05
  • Monday,28 Aug, 2017 - 02:35
  • Monday,28 Aug, 2017 - 15:30
Fan Favorites
4 former contestants return back to the Forge by popular demand, for a second shot at victory. After 2 grueling rounds, only 2 are left to recreate a weapon they've never seen before, The Hook Sword.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Saturday,2 Sep, 2017 - 13:10
  • Saturday,2 Sep, 2017 - 22:50
  • Sunday,3 Sep, 2017 - 04:50
  • Sunday,3 Sep, 2017 - 10:25
  • Sunday,3 Sep, 2017 - 19:05
  • Monday,4 Sep, 2017 - 02:35
  • Monday,4 Sep, 2017 - 15:30
Butterfly Swords
4 new contestants must craft a blade of their signature style from a pile of tools, both old & new. Then for the first time ever, they must forge 2 blades in the final round, the Chinese Butterfly Swords.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Saturday,9 Sep, 2017 - 13:05
  • Sunday,10 Sep, 2017 - 04:50
  • Sunday,10 Sep, 2017 - 10:25
  • Sunday,10 Sep, 2017 - 19:05
  • Monday,11 Sep, 2017 - 02:35
The Falcata
4 bladesmiths must create a blade out of high carbon steel while also forging the hammer they'll use to make it. Only 2 will move on to the final round where they have just 5 days to create The Falcata.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Saturday,16 Sep, 2017 - 13:10
  • Saturday,16 Sep, 2017 - 22:50
  • Sunday,17 Sep, 2017 - 04:50
  • Sunday,17 Sep, 2017 - 10:25
  • Sunday,17 Sep, 2017 - 19:05
  • Monday,18 Sep, 2017 - 02:30
  • Monday,18 Sep, 2017 - 15:30
Kora Sword
Only 2 bladesmiths will move on & go toe-to-toe in the final round of creating a sacrificial sword from history which could reportedly cut a sheep in half in 1 swing, the Kora Sword.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Saturday,23 Sep, 2017 - 13:10
  • Saturday,23 Sep, 2017 - 22:50
  • Sunday,24 Sep, 2017 - 04:50
  • Sunday,24 Sep, 2017 - 10:25
  • Sunday,24 Sep, 2017 - 19:05
  • Monday,25 Sep, 2017 - 02:30
  • Monday,25 Sep, 2017 - 15:30
Hunga Munga
After a serrated blade challenge, 2 bladesmiths will move on to attempt to forge a Hunga Munga, a behemoth weapon where all four edges must maintain peak performance when put through the judges' gauntlet.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Saturday,30 Sep, 2017 - 13:10
  • Saturday,30 Sep, 2017 - 22:50
  • Sunday,1 Oct, 2017 - 04:50
The Boar Spear
4 bladesmiths must use the steel from a suit of armor to create a signature blade. Only 2 will move on to create a weapon historically used for both combat and hunting, the boar spear.
Xiphos Sword
The bladesmiths must harvest the steel for their blade from an imposing piece of construction equipment. Only 2 will move on to the final round to recreate a classic Greek sword used in close quarters.
Cavalry Saber
4 new bladesmiths face the unprecedented challenge of forging the barrel of a gun into a lethal knife. Only 2 will move on to forge one of the most legendary blades in combat history, the Cavalry Saber.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Saturday,26 Aug, 2017 - 03:55
The Pandat
4 bladesmiths must salvage steel from a junkyard to create a signature blade using a hand-cranked coal forge. Only 2 will move on to the final round to create a Dayak war sword, the Pandat.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Friday,1 Sep, 2017 - 19:10
  • Saturday,2 Sep, 2017 - 03:55
  • Saturday,2 Sep, 2017 - 05:45
The Naginata
Two bladesmiths return to their home forges after a taxing round of testing and attempt to make a Japanese naginata, famous for its long length and usage in martial arts.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Saturday,9 Sep, 2017 - 03:55
  • Saturday,9 Sep, 2017 - 05:45
Zulu Iklwa
4 new bladesmiths must forge a bayonet blade and engineer it to attach to a rifle. Only 2 will be able to return home to spend 5 days forging the legendary African blade, the Zulu Iklwa.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Friday,15 Sep, 2017 - 19:10
  • Saturday,16 Sep, 2017 - 03:55
  • Saturday,16 Sep, 2017 - 05:45
The Haladie
Two bladesmiths who move ahead from the testing round attempt to craft the double-edged Haladie, an ancient Indian weapon employed to stab and slice enemies.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Friday,22 Sep, 2017 - 19:10
  • Saturday,23 Sep, 2017 - 03:55
  • Saturday,23 Sep, 2017 - 05:45
The Zweihander
Two bladesmiths who move ahead from the testing round attempt to craft the German zweihander, a two-handed sword used predominantly in the early part of the 16th century in Europe.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Friday,29 Sep, 2017 - 19:10
  • Saturday,30 Sep, 2017 - 03:55
  • Saturday,30 Sep, 2017 - 05:45
The Pata
Prior champions from the show compete against each other in two rounds, after which the two surviving champions try to forge the pata, a weapon with a lethal double-edged blade.
Four bladesmiths, who lost in the past, return for redemption, and compete in two rounds, after which the two survivors attempt to forge the Viking sword which possesses destructive potency.
Nepalese Kukri
4 bladesmiths are tasked with the grueling challenge of shaping 4 very different types of metal into a fully functional weapon. After a round of testing, only 2 will move on to forge the Nepalese Kukri.
The War Hammer
Our bladesmiths must choose wisely as they are asked to dumpster dive for the right steel to be turned into a hardened blade of their choosing. Only two will move on to forge a War Hammer.
The Shotel
4 bladesmiths face the challenge of forging 2 conflicting materials into a fully functional weapon. After a formidable round of testing, only 2 will move on to forge the Ethiopian Shotel.
This week our bladesmiths are given a 'twisted' challenge when they are asked to forge a weapon from cable steel. After two rounds only two are left to return home and forge an Egyptian Khopesh.
The Scottish Claymore
In this grueling challenge, with no electricity and power tools, the 4 bladesmiths must forge a blade with just fire and their bare hands. Only 2 will move on to create the iconic Scottish Claymore.
Spiked Shield
The bladesmiths are asked to forge 3 or more metals into a blade of their signature style. Despite pain and failure, only 2 move on to the final round returning home to forge a legendary spiked shield.
Viking Sword
In this extreme challenge, the bladesmiths must salvage material from a car and forge a blade in a race against time. Only 2 will speed through to the final round to forge a Viking Sword.
The bladesmiths are asked to forge a weapon in their signature style from a large pile of mixed metal that is welded together. Only 2 will return home to forge the mysterious Khanda.
4 bladesmiths must take an ordinary garden lawnmower and using its metal, create one of their signature blades. Only 2 will make it to the final round where they must create a Tabar, a deadly battle axe.
Japanese Katana
4 bladesmiths will compete by designing and forging deadly edged-weapons of war and put them to the test. Those who fail will be sent home, only 1 will win $10,000 and the title of Forged in Fire Champion.
Crusader Sword
The 4 bladesmiths struggle to create a special Japanese hardening technique on their signature blades. After a difficult first round of testing, only 2 will remain to forge the legendary Crusader sword.
4 bladesmiths must forge a weapon using only reclaimed metal. The finalists head back to make their own interpretations of the ancient Indian Chakram. Whose will stand up to the judges' battery of tests?
Viking Battle Axe
The bladesmiths must transform a steel 'train spring' into a weapon of their choosing. Only 2 will move on to forge a legendary Viking Battle Axe. After a barbaric round of testing, only one will be left.
The bladesmiths must create their signature blade by using only the traditional Hada technique. In the final round, only 2 will go head to head to create one of the serie's most unusual weapons.
The Elizabethan Rapier
The bladesmiths must use an age-old technique to create their signature weapons. Only 2 will remain to forge one of history's most notorious weapons, the rapier.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Saturday,26 Aug, 2017 - 05:45
The Roman Gladius
4 bladesmiths must transform a steel ball bearing into a fully functional weapon. Later the 2 finalists get to create one of the most important weapons from history, the Roman Gladius.
The Moro Kris
After forging their signature weapon using everyday steel objects, only 2 will move on to forge the mystical Moro Kris Sword, a distinctive blade that dates all the way back to 300 BC.