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The Warfighters
Sundays 7.10PM SIN/HK

The Warfighters

The Warfighters
War is Hell. But Fighters Fight On
A Battle For Haditha Dam
A group of U.S. Army Rangers fighting to seize control of Haditha Dam are outnumbered by a strong Iraqi force. A young medic must then face his fears in order to save the life of a teammate.
Red Wings Recovery
Afghanistan 2005: A quick reaction force on a mission to recover the remains of a helicopter crash learns that there is a lone survivor they must now rescue.
Objective Breton
Afghanistan 2009: A group of U.S. Army Rangers goes after a jihadist network when their unit hits a roadside bomb and suffers multiple casualties.
The Green Berets Of 7115
Afghanistan 2008: A group of Special Forces gets ambushed by Taliban fighters and must fight their way to safety after a teammate is critically shot in the neck.
Charlie Platoon & The Story Of Marc Lee
Iraq 2006: SEAL Team 3 and conventional U.S. Forces battle insurgents to take back the war-torn city of Ramadi, when a beloved teammate is struck and becomes the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq.
Roberts Ridge
Afghanistan 2002: A quick reaction force of U.S. Army Rangers heads into the snowy mountains of Afghanistan to rescue a missing Navy SEAL but things go awry when they are bombarded by enemy fighters.
Ranger Machine
Iraq 2006: A team of U.S. Army Rangers leads a covert operation to take out a group of Al-Qaeda high value targets.
Task Force Merrill
Afghanistan 2010: A team of U.S. Army Rangers sets out on a mission to engage the Taliban and gather intelligence when their unit hits an IED.
Objective Berlin
A platoon of US Army Rangers on a battle-damage assessment mission learns the hard way that bullets don't discriminate when they lose a private and a ranger in Afghanistan in 2009.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Sunday,30 Sep, 2018 - 20:05
  • Monday,1 Oct, 2018 - 03:25
A Warrior's Battle: Story Of Rob Guzzo
Take a look at the tale of Navy SEAL, Rob Guzzo, whose platoon deployed to Iraq in 2006 encountered so evil an enemy and so intense a combat that it left Guzzo with PTSD.
A Soldier's Best Friend
The Warfighters is a harrowing and impactful portrayal of the triumphs and sacrifices the United States Special Operations Forces have endured on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq.
Ambush Of April 7th
The bravery exhibited by the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon, near Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004 made them one of the most decorated platoons in the war on terror.