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Storage Wars: Texas
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Storage Wars: Texas

Storage Wars: Texas


Cardboard Couture
The East Texas town of Tyler hosts the auction--Kenny Stowe's territory. Ricky and Bubba throw down the gauntlet and run the gantlet against Kenny and the other East Texas locals.
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Spurs Of The Moment
The auction returns to the town of Ponder, where Rangers Ricky and Bubba look to extend a lucky streak. Jenny discovers her inner ballerina while Mary takes a cue from her ex-partner and works the crowd.
Pirates Of Pantego
The small town of Pantego hosts the auction, and a battle of the sexes, when Cowboy Matt Blevins goes over the top and gets under the skin of the female buyers.
Float Like A Bubbafly
The auction action takes place in Dallas, where the big crowds get a jolt from the big wallet of Kenny Stowe from east Texas. Jenny fires her shot in the battle between the sexes while Mary aims to please.
Excuse Me, I Think You're Stupid
The buyers return to Fort Worth, where big egos from all over the state vie for some of the best hidden treasures in Texas. Ricky and Bubba sneak off with a collection of potentially valuable rockets.
Grounded & Pounded
Mary intends to get a step up on the competition when the buyers visit a storage auction in Plano, Texas. Ricky, flying solo, goes home with a pretty little doll.
Hell's Half Acre
The auction action returns to Fort Worth, and the home of Hell's Half Acre once again inspires hot blood and sharp tongues. Bubba reckons with both East Texas Kenny and Cowboy Matt to win prize finds.
Fear The Short Fat Man
The buyers head to the small town of Waxahachie. Ricky and Bubba find some green and end up putting it all away, while Jenny makes a scandalous find that could net her the profit of her lifetime.
Pow! It's A Surprise!
The buyers return to DeSoto, a town that shares a name with a Spanish explorer. Jenny hunts for materials to make a unique piece for a customer, while Kenny surprises Matt with a dogfight over a locker.
Welcome To The World of Sonny Monday
The buyers return to Waxahachie, where Vic and his prot g Sonny Monday discover an item that leads them to Dallas Stars co-captain Jamie Benn. Ricky and Bubba take a boat to Houston.
Everything's Coming Up Sonny
On one of the hottest days of summer, the buyers roll into Mesquite, Texas, where Ricky and Bubba have been burned in the past. Vic lets his prot g Sonny lose and gets taken to the mat.
When Vic Comes To Shove
The auction hasn't even begun in the east Texas town of Henderson before a fight breaks out among the buyers. After the smoke clears, Ricky takes a couple of rounds while Kenny gets taken to the bank.
Waltz Across Texas
The auction action returns to Longview, which Kenny declares to be his East Texas stomping grounds. Bubba, working solo, aims for an item that could make him go blind.
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Puffy The Auction Slayer
The upscale hamlet of Haslet, Texas hosts the auction, and some old hands show up to compete for abandoned treasures. Ricky's mother Puffy quickly finds herself in the sights of a territorial Lesa Lewis.
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For The Benefit Of Mr. Charles
The buyers head east to Longview, Texas, where Jenny attempts a bold new strategy. Rangers Ricky and Bubba attempt to both go big and go home, and Matt Blevins resorts to scare tactics.
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Moe's Def
The auction season concludes with a bang in Fort Worth. Moe the junk-hoarding foot doctor, now limited to one locker a year by his wife, returns for his annual purchase.
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Raiders Of The Lost Arkana
In search of old furniture and new territory, the buyers travel east to the border town of Texarkana. Slick Vic goes silent and stealthy to acquire a unit with action figures.
British Invasion
In the city of DeSoto, Texas, the buyers are on the lookout for antiques. Ricky and Bubba are menaced by a new face from across the pond. Mary gets a lift from Jenny en route to a potential victory.
Swinging With The Jenemy
The bidders return to Dallas, the big city of fat wallets and fast action. Jenny is on the lookout for industrial material for a custom job. Mary flouts the law while going for a dream locker.
The auction action takes place in Garland, Texas, where Ricky and Bubba challenge 'The King of East Texas Flea Markets'. Jenny and Mary, searching for armchairs and armoires, discover an armory.
It's Always Sonny In Texas
The buyers return to Fort Worth, where a local auctioneer joins as a bidder and stirs things up with Ricky and Bubba. Jenny and Mary disagree on the value of their finds, and one makes a surprising profit.
Stowe-Age Wars
The auction returns to the town of Mesquite, and so does Ricky and Bubba's nemesis Kenny Stowe. The Rangers go chasing after vengeance, and their aim is true on a find that brings out a hidden talent.
Built For Pleasure Not Speed
The auction action goes down in the east Texas town of Longview. Lesa and Jerry play their home-field advantage and lock horns with the new team of Jenny and Mary.
Winners Of The Centuries
The auction takes place in the city of Fort Worth. Englishman David Kay returns and gets chippy with the competition. Victor finds spy equipment, while Ricky and Bubba go for something large and dangerous.
Take That Beethoven
The auction action goes down in Dallas, where Lesa and Jerry return to play havoc with Mary and Jenny, and Ricky and Bubba seek revenge against Cowboy Matt Blevins.
Yo! Mary Raps
The buyers return to the Dallas suburb of Carrollton, where they find shocking surprises are in store. Ricky and Bubba will never be the same after a discovery directs them to a den of deviance.
Hands Off Embroidery
Fort Worth, a perilous place in the 1800s, is host to one more showdown when Cowboy Matt moseys in and pushes his weight around. Mary discovers something that could help her take flight.
Rules To Buy By
The buyers travel to the classic Texas town of Waxahachie. Moe and Mary meet Moe's match in wood expertise. Jenny Grumbles finds an item that could make her think like a man.
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Bubba And The Chocolate Factory
The buyers travel to the tony town of Las Colinas, where they hope mega mansions mean luxurious lockers. Hoping to assert herself, Mary experiments with new bidding calls.
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A Ricky Runs Through It
The auction returns to the town of Waxahachie, where Victor needs to halt a losing streak. Moe and Mary, trying to help Mary's struggling brick and mortar, hope to score big with an antique instrument.
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Bronze Beauty
The auction action takes place in the tiny town of Pantego, Texas. Victor gets back in the game when he discovers a box of antique periodicals. Moe and Mary find a useful item in a beauty salon unit.
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Mayor Of Money Town
The buyers return to the town of Carrollton, Texas. Victor pursues a custom motorcycle and finds more machinery than he anticipated. Ricky and Bubba go face to face with one of Ricky's biggest fears.
Darth Victor
The auction action gets tense in Arlington, Texas. Jenny must once again face down her nemeses Ricky and Bubba to acquire her dream locker. Moe and Mary discover rhythm and melody.
Throw Momma From The Auction
The auction takes place in Lancaster, Texas, a spot on Bonnie and Clyde's 1934 robbery spree, and the buyers also hope to make out like bandits. Rick and Bubba seek to stock up for a huge furniture sale.
Hoarder Patrol
The auction takes place in the town of Hallsville. It seems like nearly everyone shows up to compete with our buyers. Vic meets a local beauty queen, while Ricky and Bubba fight the crowds for a locker.
Take A Deep Breath, It's Lesa
The auction action takes place in the Houston suburb of Conroe, Texas, where the buyers are met by an old adversary. Mary and Moe feel the squeeze while Ricky and Bubba see if they can cash in on paranoia.
Hoopty Dreams
The buyers return to the classic Texas town of Fort Worth, where Victor seeks an ally in his bidding battle against Ricky and Bubba, who have their eyes on a coveted plasma cutter.