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Search For The Lost Giants

Search For The Lost Giants

Search For The Lost Giants
Interbreeding Between Ancient Humans
The Digging Begins
Meeting Ross Hamilton
Bone Cave Findings
Disrespecting the Dead
Giant Hunter Curse


Unraveling The Mystery
Brothers Jim and Bill Vieira discover a previously unknown hidden chamber where they believe a giant skeleton may be buried.
A Photo, A Tooth, The Truth?
The Vieira brothers travel to the Ozarks and make two possibly game-changing discoveries.
Chasing The Bones
The Vieira brothers track promising leads on the Goshen Mystery Tunnel site, and on a giant skeleton found in 1849.
The Giant Curse
When the Vieira brothers head west to explore an island shrouded in mystery, they uncover compelling evidence of giants, but their investigation takes a dark turn.
Moment Of Truth
Along with a team of archaeologists, the Vieira brothers discover new evidence about the Goshen Mystery Tunnel, and Jim investigates a giant account unlike anything he has seen before.