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Road Hauks
Mondays 9PM SIN/HK

Road Hauks

Road Hauks
Iconic American Things and Blending with Off Road Vehicle
Cars Mad to the Max
Bonus: The Art of Custom
Bonus: Playing with Fire
Bonus: The Mannequin Challenge
Kenny and the team at Hauk Designs set out to build a WWII-themed rock crawler from the ashes of a wrecked Jeep Wrangler. Iconic designs and vintage parts from WWII planes are incorporated.
Hauk .45
Kenny Hauk joins forces with a crew of mechanics and fabricators to engineer unique vehicles whose features are a beautiful, powerful and functional mixture of luxury cars and off-road vehicles.
A local distillery enlists Kenny and the Hauk crew to create a modern Bootlegger by combining a copper still and a 2010 Camaro. Justin tries to make a new Wrangler resemble an old army jeep.
Search And Rescue
Kenny is hired by a ski resort to turn a rusted-out Bronco into the ultimate Search-and-Rescue Vehicle, while Justin plans to flip an old Jeep Cherokee at a local auction.
Viking Hauk
Kenny cooks up a plan to replace the shop's old towing rig with a Viking-themed Peterbilt, capable of smashing down walls and spreading fear and awe. He also purchases and restores an antique steam engine.
Loco Hauk
Kenny and his crew start building the Loco Hauk, the world's first steam-powered 6x6 Jeep. Meanwhile, to blow off some steam, the guys pimp out Rick's ATV before their annual shop-wide race.
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