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Ride N' Seek : Borneo

Ride N' Seek : Borneo

Ride N' Seek : Borneo
Ride N' Seek Borneo - Episode 1
Gawai Dance
5 Things Jamie Loves About Malaysia
5 Things About Jamie
Feeding the Dead Ritual


Hanging With Headhunters
After Jaime makes an unplanned stop to try Malaysian-style puffer fish, she finds herself behind schedule and is forced to seek shelter with the most savage headhunting tribe in Sarawak.
Bat Poop And Flying Squirrels
Jaime rides in search of a cave filled with millions of dollars worth of treasure, only to find that the treasure is organic and smells very bad indeed.
Brunei Beat Down
Jaime expects an idyllic stay when she arrives in the world's largest water village. Instead, she ends up wielding a collection of bladed weapons.
Mud, Mayhem And Motorcycle Muscle
Jaime heads deep into Sabah's interior, riding through rainforest and over rough terrain, hoping to explore a mysterious crater that has lain undisturbed since the dawn of time.
Sun, Sea and Orangutan Sanctuary
Jaime gets close to sharks as she dives off Sabah's east coast. Back on the mainland, she rides to Sabah's famous orangutan sanctuary where she discovers some unexpected guests have moved in!
Wham, Bam, Thank You Clam
Fresh from impregnating giant clams, Jaime discovers the training ground of Malaysia's first pro-MMA fighter -- Ann 'Athena' Osman. She experiences her punishing training and learns some deadly moves.