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Real Vikings
Thursdays 10PM SIN/HK

Real Vikings

Real Vikings
From Simple Farmer To Viking King
Did Shield Maidens Existed?
Greatest Battle Between the Franks and the Vikings
Age Of Invasion
Clive Standen, who essays a key role in the TV show 'Vikings', joins experts in Europe to understand how the Vikings triumphantly invaded England and France.
Rise Of The Pagans
Vikings actors Clive Standen and Maude Hirst travel to Scandinavia to explore how pagan beliefs defined the way Vikings fought during wars, worshipped, reigned and interred their dead.
Viking Women
Vikings cast members Katheryn Winnick and Alyssa Sutherland join leading experts in an investigation of the different roles women played within Norse society, and they are surprised at what they discover.
Ragnar And His Sons
Experts travel to Britain, Scandinavia, Iberia and Iceland and study archaeological finds and historical accounts to know more about Ragnar Lothbrok and his famed sons.