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Photo Face-Off
Thursdays 9PM SIN/HK
Photo Face-Off
Thursdays 9PM SIN/HK

Photo Face-Off

Photo Face-Off


Contestants fight to take pictures of rock climbers from Singapore's national team while trying to climb the wall themselves.
Each contestant is given a bowl of iced dessert and told to race down the street at high noon and find a great background for a beautiful foodie shot. When the dessert has melted, time is up.
The contestants must take a marketing picture of a theme park, which means working with a lot of hyperactive kids.
Bintan's beaches are lit with flames. Contestants must take a picture of a couple by firelight. The photo could be spooky or romantic or exciting or enigmatic and must satisfy the judges.
Contestants must take photographs of a bride and a groom in the snow. This is not a typical pre-wedding photo shoot.
Thailand (Finale)
Country champions compete to be the champion of champions. Taking place in Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle, these challenges test contestants to their physical and mental limits.
Photo Face-Off blows into Bangkok to challenge three Thai amateurs: Charlie, Tan and Ben to the ultimate photography challenge. Hosted by Kelly Latimer and resident pro Justin Mott.
Photo Face-Off hits Malaysia for an ice-cold skating challenge, a high-flying wildlife shoot and a final Face-Off at Puteri Harbor. Join hosts Kelly and Justin as they put the snap back into photography.
Photo Face-Off finds a fitting finale in Vietnam. Join hosts Kelly and Justin as they put five of Asia's finest amateurs through a final, forensic photo examination and crown the Season 3 Champion.
Chiang Mai
In this episode: moonlight smiles, creepy crawly food and the muddiest photo trial yet. Join host Sarah Lian, Justin Mott and three local amateurs for the Chiang Mai chapter of Photo Face-Off.
Photo Face-Off hits Hanoi to task three amateur locals with the photo challenge of a lifetime. Hosts Sarah Lian and Justin Mott put them through their photographic paces in Vietnam's 'city of lakes'.
Photo Face-Off beaches itself in beautiful Bali, where hosts Sarah Lian and resident pro Justin Mott test the snapping skills of three Indonesian amateurs -- all vying for a place in the Season Finale.
Join hosts Sarah Lian, Justin Mott and six champion amateur photographers for the Season Finale of Photo Face-Off. The paradise isle of Cebu is the venue where the 2015 Photo Face-Off Champion is crowned.
Award-winning amateur photographer Willy Lesmana steps into the ring with the Photo Face-Off resident photographer to capture the perfect shot of raging, racing bullocks.
In the grand finale, the 5 contestants gather in Kenting, Taiwan to challenge each other across sea, land and air in the ultimate photography showdown.