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Photo Face-Off
Thursdays 9PM SIN/HK

Photo Face-Off

Photo Face-Off


Justin Mott, Professional Photographer and Judge

Justin Mott, Professional Photographer and Judge

Since arriving in Vietnam over a decade ago, Justin Mott has established himself as one of the best-known and well respected photographers in Southeast Asia. He has shot over 100 assignments for the New York Times while a collection of his work in Vietnam has been featured on the BBC. Additional major editorial clients include TIME, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian among many others.

His boutique visual production studio Mott Visuals specializes in premium commercial photography and video production. He's also the founder of www.askmott.com, a photography tips website for all levels and genres of photography. Mott is also familiar to TV viewers as host and resident judge of HISTORY's Channel's hit photography reality series Photo Face-Off now entering their 4th Season.

Kelly Latimer, Host

Kelly Latimer, Host

A bubbly and vibrant presenter, Kelly started hosting events from the age of 16 and has grown with the industry, changing herself and her hosting style to meet the needs of Asia's cosmopolitan audience.

Her mixed heritage gives her an international appeal, whilst still allowing her to genuinely connect to the local market. Kelly has worked with FOX Sports Asia (formerly ESPN Star Sports), Astro (Malaysia), AXN, IMG, Mediacorp, StarHub and various independent production houses and has covered a range of programmes, from motorsports to football, gaming to current affairs.

  Representing Singapore

Jasbir Singh S/O John Masih

Jasbir Singh S/O John Masih, 28, Sales Manager

From going to the extent of organising his own photography exhibitions, to reaching out to artistes to collaborate on personal projects, few are as committed to the art of photography as Jasbir is.

The 28-year-old sales manager picked up portrait and conceptual photography two years ago as a means of expressing his artistry, and in the process, has established a new identity for himself. Jasbir hopes to validate and bolster this new found identity challenging himself in Photo Face-Off.

Joyce Judisun Chansingh

Joyce Judisun Chansingh, 42, Self-employed

Creativity has always been Joyce's natural milieu, having worked in the creative industry for most of her career.

However, the freelancer is a late comer to the world of photography, having only picked up a camera a year ago. Since then, the 42-year-old has embraced the camera as her best friend.

Joyce loves to capture candid moments, expressions, and the beauty in the everyday chaos to tell the story of her subjects. In joining Photo Face-Off, Joyce seeks to break out of her own comfort zone and to grow as an artist, and as a person.

Siva Shanker

Siva Shanker, 38, Senior Regional Digital Marketing Manager

Travel junkie, sports fanatic, former semi- professional musician, and most importantly, photographer – Siva wears many hats, but his diverse interests all boil down to a singular source – a desire to tell a story.

The 38-year-old digital marketer is a self-taught photographer and self-professed rebel who strongly believes in bending conventional philosophies of photo taking.

His goal – to share his own perspective and to change mind-sets of what photography can be.

Koh Kim Tat Dean

Koh Kim Tat Dean, 32, Website Content Producer

For many, photography is a hobby or a form of creative expression; for Dean, it is a lifelong journey of learning.

Inspired by world-class documentary photographers and their passion for their craft, the 33-year-old content producer started honing his skills covering local events.

In 2015, he beat 2,600 other photo enthusiasts at Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore, to take home the top prize in the open category of the theme, Defy Your Imagination. For Dean, Photo Face-Off represents another great opportunity to further push his limits.

  Representing Malaysia

Nurfarzaana Hanan Fareeha

Nurfarzaana Hanan Fareeha, 18, Student

Hanan may be pint-sized, but her love and passion for the art of photography is larger than life. The plucky 18-year-old is not afraid to take on new adventures, experience new feelings, and does not let herself be defeated easily.

Hanan sees her camera as almost an extension of herself. It makes her feel alive, and with it, she shares a connection deeper than with anything or anyone in her life.

With a sense of freedom to do whatever she wants with the camera, she snaps random moments that often turn out to be precious and deeply treasured.

Safuan Bin Salahudin

Safuan Bin Salahudin, 31, Freelancer

In Safuan's view, where memory can often fail, photography offers a way to immortalise moments, to be shared with the world.

While his notion of photography is romantic, this soft-spoken gentleman is also an adventurous traveller and scuba-diver, and is clearly no pushover.

The 32-year-old freelancer relishes the thrill of winning awards for his photos in competition. He defeated at least two thousand participants for the coveted top award at 2016 Canon PhotoMarathon Kuala Lumpur.

Sheryl Ng

Sheryl Ng, 19, Student

Photography was a form of escapism during Cheryl's tougher high school days, when she suffered from bouts of depression.

Photography served as an outlet for her to channel her emotions and express them when words proved inadequate.

Today, the photography maverick is a social media influencer, as well as an owner of an online handmade jewellery business. As a self-taught photographer, Sheryl experiments with various ways to snap photos, and particularly enjoys portraiture amidst nature.

Andy Tan Liang Sam

Andy Tan Liang Sam, 18, Student

Despite being one of the youngest contestants for Photo Face-Off 4, having only just graduated from secondary school, Andy is arguably the most confident of the bunch.

His sureness is backed by his maturity, and mastery of the camera. At Junior level, he's already a back-to-back Canon PhotoMarathon First Prize theme winner for 2014 and 2015.

For Andy, seeing the world through the viewfinder allows him to take on new perspectives, and to challenge himself to always be chasing that perfect shot.

  Representing Philippines

Janos Leo G Andanar

Janos Leo G Andanar, 29, Nurse

An adventurous, artistic and sporty person by nature, Janos is always on the search for new adventures. As a registered nurse, Janos has much going on in his life, but capturing moments and freezing time through photography allow him to relieve stress, and explore his creative side.

Janos enjoys all forms of photography, particularly combining landscapes and travel photography to create new perspectives. Photo Face-Off 4 represents a possible stepping stone for this aspiring professional photographer in his journey towards becoming an artist.

Mary Princess Ayana Ibajo

Mary Princess Ayana Ibajo, 26, Creative Service Supervisor

To Mary Princess, photography is a way to travel back in time to relive precious memories, and serves a constant reminder to appreciate and value each and every moment in life.

The creative services supervisor is raring to face off against resident pro photographer, Justin Mott, and test her skills against his.

A passionate storyteller at heart, this filmmaking and video blogging enthusiast also hopes to capture images that spark social impact.

Michelle Kimberly Chua

Michelle Kimberly Chua, 25, Sales Manager

As a child, Michelle witnessed first-hand the beauty of photography through her dad, an avid photographer who documented her childhood moments on film.

Today the lively 25-year-old sales manager hones her craft as a passionate member of a camera club, and is no stranger to winning competitions against other enthusiasts.

Michelle harbours dreams of one day representing her country on a global stage. Her ultimate goal is to remind people to stop and see the beauty of each moment, and to touch lives through her photographs.

Blaine Jarligo

Blaine Jarligo, 19, Student

Blaine's passion for photography was ignited when he was a photojournalist for his high school's paper.

This pre-med student sees photojournalism, much like medicine, as a noble profession, and one which fulfils a deep desire within him to help people in need.

Despite not owning a high-end camera due to financial constraints, Blaine's love for photography was not doused. He captures myriad landscapes and portraits using his smartphone.

  Representing Indonesia

Galuh Azhar Wicaksana

Galuh Azhar Wicaksana, 32, Travel and Motorcycle Enthusiast

The easy-going and adventurous Galuh sees photography as a form of escape from the mundaneness of everyday life.

A travel and motorcycle enthusiast, the 32-year-old often makes trips around his country, scouting for scenic spots to capture.

Galuh is a two-time finalist for Canon Photo Marathon at Yogyakarta, Indonesia for 2012 and 2014. Photo Face-Off represents an opportunity for him to learn different techniques and to further hone his craft.

Nadya Andhita

Nadya Andhita, 19, Student

Nadya was given her first taste of the craft when she joined the photography club at school. It turned out to be much more than just a hobby for the for the cheery 19-year-old.

Nadya sees photography as a creative outlet, a way to express emotions without the use of words. She takes delight in seeing different perspectives and interpretations arise from a single picture.

Photography also fuels the competitive spirit in Nadya, who has already bagged two student level awards at Canon PhotoMarathon events in 2015 and 2016.

Sony Tri Laksono

Sony Tri Laksono, 33, Retail Shop Owner

Sony's love affair with photography began when he snapped his first photo at 10 years of age. Since then, he never looked back, getting his first camera at a flea market, and learning ropes through trial and error.

Today, the 33-year-old retail shop owner is fiercely competitive and approaches photography assignments and challenges as puzzles to solve. It's no surprise that he twice competed in Canon PhotoMarathon, and bagged a finalist place at CPM Surabaya in 2016.

Kyra Modesty

Kyra Modesty, 15, Student

Kyra is the youngest contestant in this series of Photo Face-Off and will certainly introduce a whole new dimension to the competition.

The 15-year-old Bandung native enjoys making others smile through her photos. Her work is also a constant source of pride to her family and school.

Look out Justin Mott! The high schooler may also be the most prolific amateur photographer of this edition of Photo Face-Off, having won 30 different awards for various photo competitions nationally, regionally and internationally.

  Representing Vietnam

Nguyen Phuong Nhi

Nguyen Phuong Nhi, 22, Student

As an avid traveller and global citizen, Nhi relishes capturing the unique cultural features of each place she visits. Equally adept with digital and film, the university student and polyglot sees photography a social tool that breaks barriers, where each photo taken has the potential to transcend language, and share the photographer's vision with their audience.

Through her photographs, the 2016 Hanoi Canon PhotoMarathon winner hopes to meaningfully present Vietnamese culture to the rest of the world.

Nguyen Thi Thu Trang

Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, 33, Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, Trang has eye for making people beautiful, and that resonates in her philosophy towards photography – to bring out and showcase the beauty in the world around her.

Trang is a versatile photographer, strong in both the technical and storytelling aspects of the art. The amateur photo enthusiast is also the 2nd prize winner of Canon PhotoMarathon 2016 in Danang.

Van Viet An Nguyen Andy

Van Viet An Nguyen Andy, 22, Draftsman

The self-professed camera addict takes his Canon 100D everywhere he goes. Photography fills a deep desire within Andy; by his own admission, he gets extremely uncomfortable if he doesn't look through the viewfinder and hear the satisfying click of the shutter each day.

Andy is a draftsman by trade, but is chasing his dream of making it as a professional photographer. The confident and determined 22-year-old recently competed in Canon PhotoMarathon 2016, and is raring to take the next step to prove his skills on Photo Face-Off.

Tang My Thi

Tang My Thi, 27,Graphic Designer

Artsy Thi Tang has always embraced creativity. The graphic designer and video and film enthusiast first dabbled in photography at high school; today, she harbours dreams of making it as a professional wedding and portrait photographer.

Having already taken home the top prize at Canon PhotoMarathon Vietnam 2016, Photo Face-Off will be the next stepping stone for her to reach her goal. In the process, Thi Tang also wants to show what women photographers are capable of doing in what is, to her, a traditionally male-dominated field.

  Representing Thailand

Siripong Panasonthi

Siripong Panasonthi, 55, Civil Servant

At 55, Siripong is the oldest contestant taking part in this series of Photo Face-Off, and with that he brings a wealth of experience to the competition.

Siripong has travelled extensively within his country and relishes showcasing the hidden beauty of its rural regions, be it landscapes, wildlife, or street photography.

The civil servant and family man clinched the merit award in the theme "Power" at Canon PhotoMarathon 2012 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  Representing Taiwan

Yi-Kai Lin

Yi-Kai Lin, 39, Law Enforcement Officer

In Yi-Kai's words, photography brings him a sense of peace, and serves as a reminder to cherish every fleeting moment in his life.

The 39-year-old law-enforcement officer has diverse pursuits including free-diving and yoga. Similarly, with photography, Yi-Kai does not limit himself to any particular style, opting instead to embrace various genres.

This confident go-getter proved his talent at the 2015 Canon PhotoMarathon in Taiwan, taking home the top prize.

  Representing Hong Kong

Wai Yun Leung (William), Technical Officer

Wai Yun Leung (William), Technical Officer

For the self-described straightforward and sensible technical officer, photography has given William the opportunity to open up, explore and expand his artistic sensibilities.

William enjoys capturing extraordinary details in everyday locations, and has a particular affinity for architectural photography within the public housing estates of Hong Kong.

Despite having won numerous awards for his work, including a top prize at Canon PhotoMarathon Hong Kong 2014, William's eager to push himself in Photo Face-Off, to further develop his technique.

  The Judges

Justin Mott, along with the Country Judge in each episode judges the images produced for the first two rounds. For the third round of the episodes, a face-off judge is brought in to judge Justin & the country winner's images. There are also two guest judges in the finale.

  Singapore's Judges

Cheryl Tay, Resident Judge

Cheryl Tay, Resident Judge

Wanting to share her adventures with the larger audience, Singaporean photojournalist Cheryl Tay started her website and various social media platforms so anyone around the world is able to follow her easily. Her journalistic experience comes in handy when she blogs, giving her great versatility in writing and thus expanding her scope to include, but not limiting to, health and fitness, sports, travel and lifestyle.

Understanding the importance of good photos and how they tell a story better, Cheryl picked up photography to complement her words. She also started the Singapore #Fitspo series on Yahoo, which has gained a lot of popularity.

Rory Daniel, Face-Off Judge

Rory Daniel, Face-Off Judge

Rory is a commercial and architectural photographer who shoots throughout South East Asia. His Client list includes CNN, Forbes Magazine, and Raffles Hotel Singapore. He works with architects, hotels and interior designers, capturing the essence of their buildings and designs.

Claire Starkey, Client Judge

Claire Starkey, Client Judge

Claire is the editor-in-chief of Cleo Magaine Singapore. She curates and oversees the magazine's content, spanning beauty tips, lifestyle trends, and fashion-forward features.

  Malaysia's Judges

Arthur Chen, Resident Judge

Arthur Chen, Resident Judge

Malaysia's resident country judge is photographer Arthur Chen, principal photographer of Velocity Studios as well as the founder of Velocity Media.

He's an industry veteran in studio, fashion and commercial photography. Arthur is also involved in major photo competition judging such as several Canon Photo Marathons in Malaysia.

Fiona Lim, Face-Off Judge

Fiona Lim, Face-Off Judge

Fiona Lim is a specialist in covering events, portraits, weddings and commercial photography. She has an impressive client portfolio including H&M, FJ Benjamin, Nike and Avilion Resort Group. In 2010, Fiona was awarded Weddings & Portraits' "Female Photographer of the Year".

  Philippines's Judges

Jijo De Guzman, Resident Judge

Jijo De Guzman, Resident Judge

Jijo is a Manila-based professional specializing in sports and action photography. He has shot a variety of sporting events with notable clients and groups including Running For Adidas and University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP).

His works have been published in newspapers, magazines and private newsletters and he also conducts workshops on sports and action photography.

He is also a multi-awarded member being the 2015 and 2016 back-to-back Master Photographer of the Camera Club of the Philippines and is Canon’s Brand Ambassador.

Joseph Pascual, Face-Off Judge

Joseph Pascual, Face-Off Judge

Joseph Pascual is a professional photographer specialising in portrait and street photography. He is a regular contributor to Esquire and Town and Country Philippines, and his commercial client list includes Wilkins Water, Dove, and Coca Cola.

A graduate of the Film and Audio-Visual Program of the University of the Philippines, he just finished teaching a semester-long photography class in his old high school. He is also an occasional guest speaker at photography seminars hosted by local universities.

Lea Bernardo, Client Judge

Lea Bernardo, Client Judge

Ms Lea Bernardo is the finance and risk management director of Kidzooona Philippines. With years of experience in the children’s leisure and entertainment business, she knows just the kind of photo Kidzooona are after, to promote its unique children’s indoor playgrounds.

  Indonesia's Judges

Yulianus Ladung, Resident Judge

Yulianus Ladung, Resident Judge

Yulianus Ladung is an industrial and corporate photographer based in Jakarta. He specialises in the oil and gas, coal mining, and manufacturing arenas, and is an expert at creating striking images even in the most hostile, dangerous conditions.

Yulianus is a contributor to Getty and Corbis Images.

Ed Wray, Face-Off Judge

Ed Wray, Face-Off Judge

Ed Wray has covered Asia for over 15 years, primarily as a chief photographer with The Associated Press, and now as an independent photographer working with Getty Images as well as select editorial and commercial clients. Ed has covered many of the region’s most critical situations from Afghanistan to Fiji; providing dramatic and imaginative imagery ranging from armed conflict to the daily lives of ordinary people facing the pressures of life-altering change. He specialises in producing creative, compelling stories which look beyond the surface to the often hidden heart of the matter. He also provide dynamic, storytelling imagery to a select group of companies and aid organizations.

Ed approaches his work with a keen eye toward transformational situations – "in-between" states where people are affected by the energies that change a situation from what was to what will be.

His work has been featured in many of the world's most influential media including The New York Times, Time magazine, Newsweek, Stern, The Guardian, The Washington Post and many others.

Anita Ang, Client Judge

Anita Ang, Client Judge

Anita is the marketing manager of Treasure Bay Bintan, the 338-hectare waterfront resort city, integrating wellness, leisure, cultural, residential, and commercial real estate.

  Vietnam's Judges

Mark Farwell, Resident Judge

Mark Farwell, Resident Judge

Mark photographs hotels & resorts, advertising, beauty, and products throughout Asia.

He studied advertising and design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California, and began his career shooting architecture in Los Angeles.

His clients include: Hyatt Regency, Honda, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Leo Burnett, Chuo Senko, Grey Group, Visa, Samsung, Unilever, Nivea, Sapporo and Ralph Lauren.

Mark has a special place in his heart for travel and culture.

Le Trinh (Bow), Face-Off Judge

Le Trinh (Bow), Face-Off Judge

Le Trinh is a professional photographer specialising in fashion, advertising and wedding photography. He is the managing director at Agabang Baby Studio and the CEO & Founder of B101 Studio in Ho Chi Minh City.

Le Trinh won the National Geographic magazine (2008) and Photographers best of Photography award (2009).

  Thailand's Judges

Rungroj Yongrit, Thailand’s Resident Judge

Rungroj Yongrit, Thailand’s Resident Judge

Rungroj Yongrit is a photojournalist with the EPA born and based in Bangkok, Thailand. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts he started his career in 1994 with The Nation – a local English newspaper.

Rungroj joined EPA in 2004 and has covered anything and everything from breaking news to entertainment, economy, sports, and special features.

Inspired by his own his passion for sports as a footballer, Rungroj has covered major sporting events such as the recent Football World Cup in Brazil.