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Hunting Isis
Sundays 8.05PM SIN/HK

Hunting Isis

Hunting Isis
Into The Fray
Unpaid and unsanctioned by their own government, a handful of American volunteers have left their homes and loved ones to join the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
Brothers In Arms
Itching for a fight, PJ transfers to an offensive unit in Syria where he is assigned to liberate the strategic ISIS-held town of Al-Shaddadi.
Casualties Of War
PJ's unit in Syria attacks the ISIS-held city of Al-Shaddadi, but heavy combat evades them once again. A frustrated PJ heads home to the States, leaving Levi and the others behind.
The Battle For Mosul
The long anticipated siege of Mosul finally begins on the city's eastern limits. ISIS intensifies their tactics, meaning mounting casualties for the medics and an increasing emotional toll on Pete.
In Our Sights
PJ returns to Syria, inspired by Levi's sacrifice and intent on reaching Raqqa; in Iraq, ISIS is losing ground in Mosul but stages a diversionary attack in the city of Kirkuk.
Those Who Stand Before Death
A reinvigorated Pete returns to Iraq with his girlfriend at his side; in Syria, an unexpected snafu leaves PJ weighing his options.