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Human Journey: How the World Made America

Human Journey: How the World Made America

We All Came From Somewhere

Every era begins with the human will to move, and every nation is built on its citizens.

Human Journey: How The World Made America is a 2-part mega documentary that uncovers the great forces which set mankind in motion - riveting origin stories of how and why Americans got to where they are today.

Uncovering Your Own Roots

Inspired by the show, HISTORY has created a rich archive of content specially for Singapore.

2 lies and a truth

There are always entertaining facts to uncover if you trace your heritage back far enough. The question is: which one is real?

what's in a name?

For most of us, our names are our identity. But they can mean so much more. Explore the stories behind 20 of Singapore’s more common names/surnames and embark on your own journey of self-identity. Simply click left and right on the pictures to scroll.


When we invited a few Singaporean personalities to share their own heritage, here’s the story they wanted to tell.