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Human Journey

This year, HISTORY has partnered up with National Library Board (NLB) in support of the National Reading Movement, which is a 5-year reading campaign that encourages Singaporeans to read a piece of history. With some of the greatest human migration stories since the industrial revolution, HISTORY has specially curated an anthology of informative and immersive stories selected from Human Journey.

In Human Journey, HISTORY uncovers the great forces that set mankind in motion. It’s an epic global documentary about the greatest migrations of all time, and the repercussions that they have had - culturally, sociologically, and politically - on America and the world.

Every era begins with the human will to move. During the 1880s, half the Jews in Russia moved to New York City. One in three Scandinavians migrated to America to become our first lumberjacks. The Great Potato Famine emptied Ireland, giving the railroad tycoons in America two-million migrant workers. Anchored by high-end graphics and based on real research that piece together the patterns of migration over 70,000 years, it will emphasize the massive movements of people that have occurred since the Industrial Revolution. It includes "wow" facts and surprising information that pieces together what moved millions of people around the world.