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Hidden Cities Extreme

Hidden Cities Extreme

Hidden Cities Extreme
Film City Stunts
Insect Sushi
Camel Ride
Archery Match


Manila, Philippines
Simon arrives in the capital city of Manila -- the densest city in the world and a pressure cooker of all things extreme. He spends a day out with farmers who solve rat infestations by eating them.
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
This former capital of French Indochina is the country's economic powerhouse today. Armed with a delivery list, Simon heads out to conquer the roads with Vietnam's most iconic mode of transportation.
West Sumatra, Indonesia
Simon is taken out of his comfort zone into the lush tropical province of West Sumatra - one of Indonesia's most earthquake prone areas. He takes part in the exhilarating sport of mud cow racing.
Gansu, China
Simon heads to Gansu, which used to serve as the link between Western Asia and the rest of China. His first stop is the Yellow River which he will attempt to cross on a raft made out of sheepskin!
Busan, Korea
Simon heads to South Korea's second largest city and its summertime playground. He catches and eats a Korean favourite -- Hagfish, a mucus-spewing creature that dwells at the bottom of the sea bed.
Inner Mongolia, China
Simon puts his manhood to the test in Inner Mongolia. He wrestles some of the strongest men in an ultimate test of strength and stamina. Does he have what it takes to call himself an Inner Mongolian man?
Tokyo, Japan
Simon arrives in one of Asia's most mystifying destinations. He trains with the ninjas and meets the man spearheading a revolutionary culinary movement rooted in local tradition -- insect cuisine.
Mumbai, India
A melting pot of religious practices, Simon gets a taste of Cowpathy, an ancient medicine that involves consuming cow urine. Then, he dives into one of India's most extreme sports -- Mallakhamb.
Cebu, Philippines
In this episode of Hidden Cities Extreme, Simon heads off to the buzzing and beautiful Philippines island of Cebu to experience what the world's second largest archipelago has to offer.
West Malaysia
Simon travels to the multicultural Southeast Asian country of Malaysia. In uncovering the country's diverse landscape, Simon experiences its most extreme customs.
Bali, Indonesia
Simon takes on the beautiful and mystical Indonesian island of Bali. In discovering the unique culture of the 'Island of the Gods', Simon undergoes a series of challenging Balinese practices.
North Thailand
Simon gets his adrenaline fix in the city of Chiang Mai. This area's history as the heart of the Golden Triangle has cultivated a culture of extreme behavior, cuisine and even landscape which he explores.
South Korea
This tech savvy nation boasts more than just smart phones and televisions; strong cultural traditions have shaped a society of extreme behavior. Join Simon Yin on a journey not for the fainthearted.
Simon digs deep and faces down North Taiwan. Besides being initiated into an indigenous tribe, Simon will also journey through bizarre farms, mad landscapes and creepy cemeteries.