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Crimes That Shocked Asia

Crimes That Shocked Asia

Crimes That Shocked Asia
Garden City Butcher
Mountain Butcher
The Beauty Queen Murder
Vizconde Massacre
Kallang Body Parts Murder
Sorcerer From Hell


A Mother's Nightmare
In this episode, we look at some of Asia's most terrifying cases that involve the killers murdering their victims for a moment of recklessness or the pure thrill of taking human life.
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  • Saturday,27 Oct, 2018 - 11:20
Kidnapped And Murdered
In this episode, we look at some of Asia's most infamous kidnappings and see how when negotiations break down, things can turn ugly very quickly.
The host shares some of Asia's most confounding manhunts, many of which are freshly imprinted on the public's collective conscious and others that certainly ring a bell.
Extreme Killers
In Indonesia, a well-respected dukun turned serial killer murdered in secret for more than a decade. And in Hong Kong, two high profile cases gripped an entire nation and made everyone's stomach churn.
Killers On The Loose
We revisit 2 cases in the Philippines that still get people divided in their opinions over whodunit. In Malaysia, it's been 4 decades since the high profile murder of a beauty queen but who's her killer?
Dismemberment And Body Parts
In Taiwan, a shocking double murder disrupts an idyllic farming community; in notoriously low-crime Singapore, two murder cases where the victims have been cut up sent the entire nation into standstill.