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Chasing Monsters
Fridays 9PM SIN/HK

Chasing Monsters

Chasing Monsters
Monster Sized Catfish in Paris
Python Catching
Catching a Sailfish with a Handline
Mission to Catch a Monster Fish
Prehistoric Beasts
In his quest to net the white sturgeons and the Gulf sturgeons, Cyril encounters accident victims, scientists and even Bigfoot hunters as he travels from Florida to British Columbia.
Swamp Creatures
Cyril travels to the dangerous swamps and wild coast of Louisiana to track down a pair of predators that hunt its murky waters, a huge shark and an armoured alligator gar.
Marlin Showdown
Despite meeting with locals in Costa Rica who were accidentally injured and killed by marlins, Cyril wants to catch one of these giants using a dangerous technique.
Cannibal Jaws
Cyril searches the Florida Keys, wades with sharks in the mangroves and dives among moray eels to find a monster barracuda after meeting a young fisherman bitten by this toothy torpedo.
Tropical Titan
Cyril visits the remote jungle rivers of Nicaragua, tackles thunderstorms and the treacherous dirty roads to catch the tarpon, which weighs over 300 pounds and measures eight feet long.
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Shark Fever
Cyril is in the Bahamas on a perilous mission to track down one of the biggest and deadliest predators he has ever faced, a giant tiger shark, whose weight is over 1500 lbs.
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Nile Predators
Cyril travels to a remote and dangerous environment in Uganda on the hunt for the largest freshwater fish in Africa, the Nile perch, a massive beast with a cavernous mouth that can swallow big prey.
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Giant Tuna Battle
To help protect the bluefin tuna, an endangered giant, Cyril is recruited by a team of biologists to travel up the east coast of the US and Canada to catch and tag one.
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Jungle Vampire
To track down the vampire fish, a monstrous-looking predator, Cyril embarks on a rugged expedition in the dark waters of the Amazonian jungle that will put him to the test.
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Dagger Devil
Cyril goes to Thailand to try to catch and tag the giant stingray, possibly the biggest freshwater fish on the planet, armed with a vicious dagger-like barb capable of stabbing and injecting victims.
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Swarming Sharks
Cyril travels to the wild coast of South Africa to catch the powerful kob, one of its brutal fighting fish. But he must tackle hungry sharks, hippopotamus and Nile crocodiles along the way.
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Tug Of War With Giants
Growing to over 800 lbs, the goliath grouper is among the world's largest marine fish. Cyril goes on a mission to catch these giants using a primitive and dangerous technique.
Monster Shark Infection
Recruited by researchers to catch the ocean's most feared predators and swab their teeth to help develop antibiotics that save shark bite victims, Cyril must brave raging sharks to fufil his mission.
Catfish Death Roll
Using only his hands and feet as bait, while hopefully avoiding getting bitten by other deadly creatures, Cyril's on a mission to catch a powerful fish that can grow almost as big as a man: the catfish!
Surviving The Mighty Piraiba
Cyril embarks on a journey deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, on a mission to catch one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, the Amazon's ultimate fighter... the mighty piraiba.
Alligator vs Prehistoric Fish
Feared and hunted to the edge of extinction, Cyril's in Texas recruited by biologists to collect data on the prehistoric alligator gar to better understand these mysterious animals and help them recover.
Amazon Dinosaurs
Wading through swamps infested with piranhas, caimans and anacondas, Cyril is on a mission to help protect Brazil's largest prehistoric fish, the endangered 'arapaima'.
Merciless Beast In Paris
Cyril is here to solve the rumours of a huge fish, weighing up to several hundred pounds and capable of attacking dogs and even people, appearing in the murky waters of the Seine river in Paris, France.
Relentless Barracuda
From wading through the swamps to getting stranded on a remote island after braving dangerous waves. Cyril goes on a relentless pursuit across Cuba for 2 infamous marine fishes, the barracuda and tarpon.
Fire And Ice
Invited by the Native Innu tribe to track down giant lake trout below the ice, Cyril must deal with new challenges: snowmobiles stuck in deep snow, thick ice, marauding wolves and not freezing to death!
Hand To Hand Combat
Inspired by the old man in Ernest Hemingway's famous novel 'The old man and the sea', Cyril wants to try fishing in the exact same way... by hand-lining a monster billfish in the smallest boat possible!
The Freshwater Wolf
With a mouth full of fang-like teeth, capable of devouring ducks and muskrats, Cyril is in Northern Canada on a mission to catch one of the most aggressive fish on the planet, 'the freshwater wolf'.
Invasive Predators
To help track the invasive species of the Everglades, Cyril must first earn the trust of a rugged group of people who call this no man's land home, the Gladesmen, and pass their dangerous tests.