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Celebrity Car Wars

Celebrity Car Wars

Celebrity Car Wars
Ep 5 ATV Challenge - Will Jarrod Emerge as Coconut King?
Ep 4 Pit Stop Challenge
Ep 4 4x4 Extreme
Time to Burn Some Rubber
Tight Squeeze for Phem and Harith
Ep 2 One Size Fits All


Don't Hit The Wall
In this opening round of Celebrity Car Wars our celebs post a car racing hot lap during their first time trial, but it all goes horribly wrong for 1 of them. Celebs must then complete a braking challenge.
Don't Hit The Ancient Archway
Round 1 saw Allan Wu survive the crash but will a 16th century fortress survive Allan Wu? Celebs must reverse a hot dog trailer though an ancient archway then race each other in the CCW Karting Showdown.
Don't Hit The Fire Hydrant
As cool as it is, the dark automotive art of drifting isn't all smoking tyres & screeching brakes. Our celebs discover it requires some serious skill. They then face off in our Pressure Parking Challenge.
Don't Hit Rock Bottom
The Celebs think they will be racing exotic cars, which turns out to be true (well, sort of). Then it's time to conquer an off road course known simply as 'Big Rock'.
Don't Hit The Mall
In this round the Celebs hit a Shopping Mall (literally) in crazy mayhem that is the 'Uptown Mall Obstacle Course', then go head to head in the CCW World Drag Race across the mighty Sacobia River Bridge.
Don't Hit The Wall…again
The Celebs return to the track to improve their Hot Lap times (and NOT smash into a wall). The Celebs' competitive claws come out when they are forced to team up for the Pit Stop Challenge.
Don't Hit The Referee
The Celebs are given a small amount of money to go and buy a car, bring it back to CCW Headquarters & pimp it up. They then team up for a game of car Football with former F1 driver Alex Yoong as Referee.
Don't Hit Your Limit
The Grand Finale Race of Celebrity Car Wars where one lucky Celeb will enter the CCW Hall of Fame, a club so exclusive that, up to now, it has no members. Who will be its first?