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Barbarians Rising

Barbarians Rising

Barbarians Rising
Rise and Fall of an Empire
Alaric and the Sack of Rome
Fritigern and the Battle of Adrianople
Boudica, Warrior Queen
Arminius, the Stolen Son
Spartacus and the Slave Rebellion


Hannibal of Carthage builds the first great barbarian alliance to defeat Rome before it becomes unstoppable.  He launches an audacious and unprecedented campaign to strike at the heart of the Republic.
Governor Galba massacres the Lusitanians and nearly annihilates the population. The survivors band together under shepherd-turned- leader Viriathus to launch a guerilla resistance against the Romans.
In Rome, a vast, dormant barbarian army grew. Spartacus, the barbarian slave forced to fight as a gladiator, becomes the reluctant commander of an uprising that is the greatest threat to Rome in a century.
Arminius is one of the highest ranked barbarian officers in the Roman Imperial army, but when he's sent to his homeland to crush the rebellion among his own people, he must decide where his loyalties lie.
Boudica becomes leader of the Iceni; when she and her daughters are brutally humiliated by the Empire, she unleashes a murderous vengeance, uniting the Celtic clans in an uprising against Roman tyranny.
A dark and dangerous menace arises from the east. The Goths seek refuge in Rome, but find only betrayal, a fatal miscalculation by the Empire that ushers in an apocalypse of their own making at Adrianople.
Rome divides into two empires: East & West. Alaric leads his people to the gates of Rome, striking the first in a series of deadly blows against imperial power. The barbarians move in for the kill.
The Huns emerge in the East; Attila seizes power & begins a reign of chaos & destruction. Geiseric, the calculating & cunning King of the Vandals becomes the architect of Rome's destruction.