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Aussie Pickers
Wednesdays 9PM SIN/HK

Aussie Pickers

Aussie Pickers
Laurie's Lair
Pickers Adam and Lucas are back on the road in Western Victoria. First stop is the sprawling property owned by Laurie, a larrikin demolisher who swears like a truck driver.
Sheldon's Shack
Adam and Lucas drive by a promising property littered with car bodies and other paraphernalia and decided to drop in to find out if anything's for sale.
The Red Indian
Renai and her husband Morgan run a private landfill tip, from which they salvage a huge amount of collectables. A pick through Renai's shed becomes a very expensive exercise.
The Butches Shed
Peter is a mobile country butcher with a magnificent collection of Australiana. Adam and Lucas find plenty to buy in Peters maze of sheds, including a mystery keyboard instrument.
Kiwi Pickers
A tip on a potential goldmine of a pick takes Adam and Lucas to Nelson on the northern tip of New Zealand's South Island.
Mad Max
On the road to Horsham, Victoria, Adam and Lucas call in to Old Dadswell Town. This is the private world of Max and Jenny, who have put their collection on display in their own town.
The Grave Vault
A visit to Noel, a self-described one-legged hay farmer, turns up some rare and unusual pieces, including a cast iron coffin, known as a Grave Vault, which takes Adam's fancy.
The Spog Shed
Adam and Lucas make their first trip to South Australia. First stop is Spog's Shed. Spog is a demolisher who salvages material from demolition jobs to sell at his yard.
Furphy Man
The Pickers visit a collector and junkyard owner specializing in Furphy Water Carts, discover a farm house in Riverina abandoned since 1981, and pick up plenty of bargains at a junkyard in Wagga Wagga.
The Pickers head to the Murray River to meet Mingo who specializes in vintage motorcycles. They visit a huge storage shed owned by Brian Toole who stocks huge amounts of military material and collectibles.
Surprise Pick
Lucas and Adam meet an old couple who keep a huge collection of Australiana and machinery but never sell anything to anyone. Will our Pickers get to charm them into selling some of their wonderful pieces?
Mad Dog
The Pickers meet Warwick and Gwenda who have been collecting together since their honeymoon 49 years ago. They visit Mick, a passionate car collector who has car parts strewn across 25 acres outside town.
The Uber-Collector
The Pickers meet Brian, whose Aussie memorabilia has been voted the best in Australia. On the outskirts of Sydney, they find vintage petrol pumps and other items valued at several million dollars.
Pickers Take On Tassie
Lucas and Adam visit Tasmania and find an extensive collection waiting to be picked. They meet a train fanatic whose love for trains extends to dressing as a railway conductor and building his own station.
Steptoe's Shed
It's the Battle of the Auctioneers as Adam goes head to head with Bruce, an auctioneer known as Steptoe. Later, he finally finds the piece he has been searching for since he began picking. But what is it?
Military Madness
The Pickers chance upon a truly incredible military collection. As an acknowledged furniture expert, will Lucas be able to pick some quality furniture and find his dream Featherstone chair?