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Ancient Aliens
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Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens


Forged By The Gods
Uncover astonishing new evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth than ever before, pointing towards a possibility that humans are on the brink of a reconnection with their alien ancestors.
Mystery Of Rudloe Manor, The
Uncover astonishing new evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth than ever before, pointing towards a possibility that humans are on the brink of a reconnection with their alien ancestors.
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The Alien Architects
Uncover astonishing new evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth than ever before, pointing towards a possibility that humans are on the brink of a reconnection with their alien ancestors.
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The Pharaohs' Curse
Uncover astonishing new evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth than ever before, pointing towards a possibility that humans are on the brink of a reconnection with their alien ancestors.
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Ancient Aliens (S10) 5
Uncover astonishing new evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth than ever before, pointing towards a possibility that humans are on the brink of a reconnection with their alien ancestors.
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Ancient Aliens (S10) 6
Uncover astonishing new evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth than ever before, pointing towards a possibility that humans are on the brink of a reconnection with their alien ancestors.
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The New Evidence
In recent years, more new evidence has been revealed than ever before that suggests there was extraterrestrial intervention on Earth in the distant past. Can we finally say that this is true?
Pyramids Of Antarctica
Recent satellite images has revealed what appear to be the tops of man-made pyramids scattered throughout the ice-covered landscape of Antarctica. But how is that possible? What really lies hidden beneath?
The Prototypes
With the discovery of various intelligent human-like species, could Earth have been serving as an extraterrestrial laboratory? Is mankind the result where only humans were chosen to survive?
Decoding The Cosmic Egg
A 'Cosmic Egg' in which the universe, or some primordial being comes into existence by the hatching of an egg, is found in the creation myths of many cultures. Why is this concept so pervasive?
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Destination Mars
Within 20 years, we are expecting to send Astronauts to become the first extraterrestrials visitors to Mars. But why have we always had a strange fascination with this particular planet?
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  • Wednesday,7 Jun, 2017 - 20:05
  • Thursday,8 Jun, 2017 - 04:50
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The Visionaries
Is it possible that extraterrestrials have already been communicating with our greatest mathematicians and engineers? Have humanity's greatest visionaries been carrying out an extraterrestrial master plan?
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  • Wednesday,14 Jun, 2017 - 20:05
  • Thursday,15 Jun, 2017 - 04:20
  • Thursday,15 Jun, 2017 - 11:20
  • Saturday,17 Jun, 2017 - 10:20
The Next Humans
In the 21st century, technology is heading in a radical new direction, the merging of man and machine. But might similarly superhuman beings have walked the Earth once before? Beings regarded as gods?
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  • Wednesday,21 Jun, 2017 - 20:05
  • Thursday,22 Jun, 2017 - 04:20
  • Thursday,22 Jun, 2017 - 11:20
  • Saturday,24 Jun, 2017 - 10:20
The Wisdom Keepers
Could the ultimate evidence about our extraterrestrial past be found within the sacred stories, sites, and rituals of Australia's Wisdom Keepers?
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  • Wednesday,28 Jun, 2017 - 20:05
  • Thursday,29 Jun, 2017 - 04:50
  • Thursday,29 Jun, 2017 - 11:20
The Mysterious Nine
Could there be an intergalactic council of nine secretly working behind the scenes, dictating the course of humanity?
The Hidden Empire
Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest that the most compelling evidence of extraterrestrial visitation can be found in one of the world's least accessible places - China.
Space Station Moon
The Moon is the most visible celestial body in the night sky and is essential to life on Earth. But what if the Moon is not the natural object we believe it to be?
Russia's Secret Files
Many believe the rise of communism led to a wall of secrecy surrounding ancient and modern extraterrestrial contact in Russia. Was Russia visited by otherworldly beings before modern times?
Beyond Roswell
Ancient Astronaut theorists claim that the U.S. government have extraterrestrial crafts and that Roswell is just the tip of the iceberg. But if true, what happened to these alien spaceships?
Alien Hunters
In the 21st century, scholars, scientists, & world governments have openly joined the hunt for intelligent life beyond Earth. What is behind our yearning to find other beings like oursleves?
The Returned
Thousands of people from every part of the world have reported being abducted by aliens, could the alien abduction phenomenon be true? But if so, why are people being taken? Why are they being returned?
Shiva the Destroyer
Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest that Shiva, 1 of the most important Hindu gods, may have been the leader of an extraterrestrial faction that came to Earth wielding advanced technology.
Aliens And Robots
What are the implications of creating robots that are increasingly intelligent and independent? Is the obsession with creating counterfeit humans really pointing the way to mankind's future or to its past?
Aliens B.C.
Unexplainable structures that have been discoveried challenge everything we know about the past. Is it possible that an advanced civilization inhabited Earth thousands of years ago?
NASA's Secret Agenda
German aerospace engineer Wernher von Braun was so far ahead of everyone when it came to rocketry. Was he a scientific genius or was he being influenced by otherworldly beings?
Dark Forces
Good and Evil. Light and Dark. In nearly every culture there are stories of opposing forces, on Earth - forces of supernatural or otherworldly nature. Could these forces really exist?
The Alien Evolution
Are divine beings depicted in cultures throughout the world really divine or mythological? Or could they instead reflect extraterrestrial visitations that our ancestors did not understand?
The Other Earth
With thousands of habitable planets being identified, Ancient Astronaut theorists propose that not only our planet been visited by extraterrestrials, but they are responsible for our very existence.
Creatures of the Deep
In August of 2014, Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station discovered something incredibly unexpected covering parts of the windows--living sea plankton.
Circles From The Sky
Over 10,000 crop circles have been reported worldwide, appearing in 50 different countries. These strange designs pressed into crop fields range from simple circles to elaborate pictograms.
The Alien Wars
On March 19th, 2002, Gary McKinnon was arrested for hacking into 97 Pentagon and NASA computers over a 13-month period, in what authorities call the biggest military computer hack of all time.
The Forbidden Zones
Due to warfare, instability, and inaccessibility--there are specific regions of the world that are off-limits to exploration. These forbidden sites are often ground zero for chaos.
Mysteries Of The Sphinx
The Great Sphinx in Giza is the largest and most studied monolithic sculpture on Earth, yet it remains one of humanities greatest mysteries.
Alien Resurrections
Throughout history, incredible stories have been told of the dead rising from their graves, mummies journeying into the afterlife and people on the brink of death mingling with deceased relatives.
Forbidden Caves
Could the darkest recesses of our planet contain important information left by our ancient ancestors? And within Earth's mysterious caves, might we find evidence of otherworldly contact?
Aliens Among Us
There are those who believe that the evolution of technology is not entirely our own making. Theorists contend that it is by extraterrestrial design that we have become so technologically interconnected.
Secrets Of The Mummies
For thousands of years, people have practiced elaborate techniques to preserve the human body after death. The ancient Egyptians believed mummification ensured entrance into the next life.
Alien Messages
There are those who believe that embedded in our most sacred religious texts are secret messages - messages that may reveal the purpose behind our very existence.
The Great Flood
It is a story told in more than twelve hundred cultures around the world--the gods sent a great flood to wipe out humanity for its disobedient and wicked ways.
The Vanishings
Stories of civilizations large and small disappearing without a trace can be found throughout history and across the globe.
Aliens And The Civil War
The Civil War nearly destroyed the great experiment known as the United States of America, but is it possible that the preservation of the republic was influenced by extraterrestrial beings?
Hidden Pyramids
With infrared satellite technology detecting pyramids hidden underneath the sand in Egypt, many believe we have entered a new pyramid era.
The Alien Agenda
Many of humanity's most significant turning points have bore witness to unexplainable events. Could it be evidence that the course of human history is being manipulated by an alien agenda?
Aliens And Forbidden Islands
Legends of lost and mysterious islands and Eden-like paradises have been told by sailors throughout human history. Is it possible these stories are more than just the myths of imaginative seafarers?
Aliens And The Lost Ark
The Ark of the Covenant is one of the most sought after religious relics and is more than just a box that contained the Ten Commandments. Are we getting close to a rediscovery and reactivation of the Ark?
Aliens And Mysterious Mountains
Across ancient civilizations, the world's mountains were seen as the sacred home to all-powerful gods. Why do so many cultures share the belief that mountains have a connection to otherworldly beings?
Aliens In America
Unexplained sightings in the new world, a frightening anomaly plaguing the American West, and strange rock carvings from 8,000 B.C. Is there more to America's past than is found in history books?
Aliens And Stargates
Legends from around the world speak of sacred entryways to the land of the gods. Are such stargates just inventions of myth, or might this kind of interstellar travel have existed in the ancient world?
The Star Children
On every continent, there are stories of children who 'stand out' for their strange abilities and advanced knowledge. Could the stories be more than mere myth?
Treasures Of The Gods
Sealed vaults possessing a strange and deadly curse, and riches so priceless, it has cost men their lives. Is it possible that the world's greatest ancient relics are hidden on purpose?
Aliens And The Red Planet
Throughout human history, Mars has captured our imagination. Is our fascination with Mars simply because of its prominence in the night sky? Or might we have a profound extraterrestrial connection?
The Shamans
Throughout history, spiritual leaders known as shamans have healed and protected people. But are they simply putting on elaborate ceremonies or could they be in contact with extraterrestrial realms?
Aliens And Insects
Insects have been honored, feared and even revered as gods. But might these strange creatures that have inhabited Earth for hundreds of millions of years provide a link to extraterrestrial beings?
Alien Breeders
In cultures throughout the world, there are tales of intimate encounters with otherworldly beings. But could these stories be more than just mythology?
The Reptillians
Legends of serpent beings can be found on every continent. Could these stories represent real Reptilian beings that people all over the world actually encountered in the ancient past?
Aliens & Superheroes
Humans have told stories about beings with supernatural abilities. Is it possible that these stories are actually based on extraterrestrial beings that lived on Earth in the distant past?
The Tesla Experiment
Nikola Tesla shepherded mankind to a new industrial era and laid the groundwork for today's technological age. Is it possible that this alleged mad scientist was actually a human 'receiver'?
Alien Encounters
Stories of strange encounters accompany many of history's major events. Is it merely coincidence? Or might it be evidence of extraterrestrial intervention?
The God Particle
It has been called the key to the universe and possibly the most important scientific breakthrough of all time. Could the so-called 'God Particle' reveal the truth about our origins?