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10 Things You Don't Know About

10 Things You Don't Know About

10 Things You Don't Know About
Mormons and Howard Hughes
Eleanor Roosevelt's Press Conferences
Honest Abraham Lincoln
J. Edgar Hoover the Spy
A Gangster's Hideaway
Prohibition Era Advertisements


The Flag
The American Flag is one of the most familiar symbols in the world. Many have sung the National Anthem and pledged allegiance but Henry knows the Stars and Stripes has more stories than you have heard.
Texas--there's no state in America like it. Big. Brash. Bold. But Henry's trek through the Lone Star State will completely shatter what you thought you knew.
Civil Rights
Henry cracks open the books on one of America's most defining chapters--the Civil Rights movement. He crosses the country in search of the unknown stories that built a generation of heroes.
The Almighty Dollar
Whether it's in your pocket or stuffed under your mattress, what most people don't know about the history of their cash can fill Fort Knox. Henry travels the sordid trail of currency in America.
Edison vs Tesla
Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla are two of the most famous minds in American History... yet their lives and work are filled with facts you'd never even imagine.
American Revolution
We all know how the Thirteen Colonies broke from the British Empire and formed the U.S. of A., but this bloody conflict brims with incredible accounts that will blow your mind.
This controversial plant's roots run deep in America. And Henry isn't shying away from digging up its long and complicated history.
The Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam is an iconic American landmark, yet within its massive walls lie tales long buried. From harrowing accounts of the men who built it, to the shocking ways they were kept in danger.
Las Vegas
Though it's often defined by gambling, mobsters, and broken dreams, Las Vegas has a background far more diverse, from the Depression's impact on the city to a President's surprising influence.